about Me

Copeland Guitars is a one-man shop based out of Austin, Texas. I am a long-time mediocre guitar player that wanted to find a way to combine my passion for music and working with my hands. After several years of working on project guitars I finally decided to jump in and start building from scratch. I've enjoyed being able to create guitars that are just outside of the norm while still paying homage to the designs I've always loved. I like working with customers to build them exactly what they are looking for. Whether it is one of my rustic designs made from reclaimed wood or a more refined design, I enjoy every step of the process.

about The Guitars

Most of my guitars are custom built to each customer's specifications. I enjoy walking people through the process of designing every last detail of a build. A lot of people are initially overwhelmed with the idea that they can literally choose each individual part of their guitar. Often times I help come up with the final list of specifications based on what the customer is trying to achieve.

Every guitar is built by me using top quality parts. I believe that you should get a top quality instrument when you are paying for a hand-built guitar. This is what sets companies like mine apart from some of the larger manufacturers. I may not be able to offer the cheapest option, but you can be assured that you will be getting a top quality instrument that has been personally tested by me before being shipped out the door.

I know there are a lot of options when it comes to boutique guitar builders these days. There are a lot of fine builders out there and I respect each and every one of them. I don't see them as competition but as peers. I love seeing their work and I appreciate the kind words they send my way. I can only hope that I can offer you, the customer, something that appeals to your style. If you feel I qualify then I'd love to hear what you're thinking. You might be surprised at how affordable your dream guitar can actually be!

about The Process

The first question most people ask me is "How does this work?" The process is quite simple. The best way to start the conversation is by filling out the "Custom Build Request Form" under the Contact tab at the top of my website. This will let me know the general direction your are wanting to go with your build. After you submit this form I will personally contact you and give you an idea of what a build with your specifications will cost. If you are still interested at that point I will then work with you to narrow down the actual list of specifications for your build. Once we have the specifications in place I will send you an actual firm quote for your build. 

If you decide to move forward with the build, I generally ask for 50% up front so I can procure all of the parts and pieces for your build. I then start the process and keep you updated with emails and pictures throughout. Once the build is complete I will send you an invoice for the remaining 50% and then ship the guitar to you. If the 50% deposit is cost prohibitive to you, I can also work with you and offer more installments. The downside to this method is that the process takes a little longer as it takes longer for me to procure all of the parts for your build. However, if you are willing to take a little more time then this might be a better option for you. I am flexible and my main goal is to get the guitar of your dreams into your hands!