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Demo of a Callisto in a "doghair" finish loaded with Porter Pickups P90's.

Jack Fossett demoing a Copeland Guitars custom Jazzmaster.

"Painted with Fire" Telecaster Demo - Distortion

Copeland Jazzmaster played by Tyler Tomlinson.

PAWS perform on Audiotree Live, April 1, 2017 with their Copeland "Painted with Fire" Mustang.

Mike Vennart Telemaster on Stage with Biffy Clyro

Copeland Mustang on KEXP with PAWS

Mike Vennart Telemaster Demo

Music video featuring a Copeland Jag.

Mike Vennart with his Copeland Telemaster with Biffy Clyro live at the Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ, March 25, 2017

"Painted with Fire" Jazzmaster being played at Madison Square Garden.

Copeland Tele